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Thinking ahead

  • We at Advance Terminals are proud to present us as a young company with a very long history.

  • We at Advance Terminals, unlike other companies, start every Terminal Project with planning Commissioning. It is our focus, to ensure that your Terminal is not just performing well in a very tight operating window for different Operating Cases.

  • We at Advance Terminals are able to complete the Installation in time, test all installed equipment, and get it ready for the first Cool Down of your LNG Tank as per Schedule. All your rotating equipment will be tested by following a strict chain of events within the given schedule. To be able to guaranty what is promised, we at Advance Terminals install all Commissioning related requirements already during the basic engineering. This is a proven procedure to minimize the impact to the schedule and thus to the budged. By having Commissioning already installed, you don’t need intensive provisional installation for Commissioning activities after the Construction phase.

  • We at Advance Terminals have implemented a unique work flow where Construction, Mechanical Completion and Commissioning will take place in a swift effort, following logic sequences. In various attempts, other projects have tried to copy our unique workflows and sequences. Up to now, these attempts have failed. It still remains as our secret. It works for us, but more importantly it will also work in your favor. This gives us the opportunity to already start Commissioning in some parts of our Plant, while others are still under Construction.

  • We at Advance Terminals know how to do it. Please find out how we make it happen that your Schedule becomes our Schedule, and you’re your Budged becomes our Budged. You will love this approach.

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