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Advance Terminals, always thinking ahead.

  • We at Advance Terminals are proud to present us as a young company with a very long history.

  • We at Advance Terminals are thinking ahead. At our first presentation to you, the basic engineering of your new Terminal is already advanced to a very high level. This enables your Project to kick off with a jump start, allowing a shorter Engineering time.

  • Advance Terminalsthinking ahead” attitude results in the shortest possible pay-back time for your investment.

  • Our history is based on the experience of the Owners Group, which has developed over decades in various Engineering Projects, involving complex Oil and Gas Plants.

  • We at Advance Terminals are highly concentrating on LNG Terminals. We are permanently focused to present tailor made solutions for our client’s investment.

  • Our Projects are solely schedule and budged driven, we don’t compromise on any of these paramount points of interest for every customer.

  • We at Advance Terminals guaranty that your investment is paying back from the day you give us as your target date.

  • Advance Terminals is aiming to establish a close partnership with every Client. Advance Terminals and our Partners ideally establish an Integrated Team from day one to form a successful partnership.

  • We at Advance Terminals are proud of what we are doing therefore we are willing to share the Financial Risk with our clients.

  • We at Advance Terminals are proud of what we are are not only talking about Terminals, we are living Terminals.

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