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Integrated Team

  • We at Advance Terminals are proud to present us as a young company with a very long history.

  • We at Advance Terminals are aiming to drastically shorten the engineering time.
    This attempt requires extremely efficient lines of communication.
    These lines need to be established within the Engineering Team, and as important, between the Owner of the Terminal and Advance Terminals Engineering Team.
    A short, but very intense transfer of Engineering Requirements from you as the Owner to Advance Terminals as your Engineering Partner is the secret of a successful focus on the Owner’s demands.

  • We at Advance Terminals therefore are offering a very close working relationship between you and the Advance Terminals Team. You will be invited to occupy office space in our vicinities. This office will remain open to you during the entire Basic and Detail Engineering phases. Ideally both, your Project- and your Engineering Manager should work this closely together with us. During this phases your Management will obtain the best possible inside view of the abilities of the Advance Terminals Engineering Team.
    You will realize that we are only working with highly experienced engineers, to guaranty the high quality standards.

  • In this way Advance Terminals can offer you a very dense basic engineering phase of only two month, and a detail engineering phase of approximately 3 month.

  • You believe Engineering for an Advance Terminal can't be done in that time?

  • OK, Lets talk about it